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OPPO F1s: Day In The Life

by - Friday, January 20, 2017

My daily routine has always been the same since I became a mom and since I have started working in a BPO company. Fulltime mom, part time career woman. And do a little blogging in between. Everyday has always been the same, however, every day teaches me different things, let's me know new people, new stories, and makes me stronger and appreciative of every little things. 

Well, working on a graveyard shift, my clock always starts at night. Honestly, I've been doing this for the past 6 years and I still get sleepy in the office, urgh! No wonder why coffee runs through my veins now. haha!

8PM - This is when I usually start my life at work. After waking up with protest, basically, I eat dinner, take a shower, prepare my stuff and check social media a little. Put on my make up, then kiss my little ones goodbye. 

10PM - I'm a commuter since birth. So, while on the bus, I take time to check my phone again for updates from my colleagues in case I might have overlooked something, check social media also, and emails. I also play music through my favorite music app. It relaxes me while travelling. It also distracts me from the heavy traffic in EDSA :)

11PM - Battle gear on! This is when my shift starts. Busy mode!

3AM - Lunch! What I usually have is coffee or we eat outside at the nearest fast food chain. And in between, while exchanging stories about the work we had for the past 4 hours, we play online games. Hah! Yes, I play online games. 
8AM - My favorite time of the day. Because this is the time when we end our shift. Usually, my friends and I play online games again and have our breakfast at the same fast food restaurant. Then, on my phone, I check emails again and messages. We, also, take groufies before we separate ways. You'll see them on my IG. We do that, like a routine already :) 

That’s what a typical work day looks like for me. I was really young at heart even I'm a mother of 3, until I realized I have bills to pay. Working has always been a part of life of every mature people. In my case, I am the bread-winner and my partner is the one who takes care of the minions. I have a wonderful family to feed, so I take working life seriously. 

Aside from the fact how important my career is, phone has always been an essential. I needed the phone as my alarm clock, for communication, where I note all the things I need to do in a daily basis, for emails and updates in the office. It's like a weapon for me. 

For all the flurry I mentioned above, this is the feature I needed the most. And one of the most amazing phone in the Philippines today, not only for it's camera, but also for it's internal capacity - OPPO F1s. I needed like more than 10 applications on my phone and most of them are essential for work. Because of OPPO F1s' 3GB RAM capacity, I'm sure all the applications I needed will be working seamlessly (As I open more than 5 applications in one sitting). A gamer's must have for games will cruise and smooth multi-tasking! So stupendous! I'd love to have this one! Perfect for my daily errands.

I’d love to hear about what your work day looks like. Is phone essential to your work also? How is it working on a night shift? Spill them now! 

For more info about the famous OPPO F1s Selfie Expert phone, just click here.

Disclaimer: This post is for Nuffnang's blogger contest. All opinions and words are solely mine. Credits to the owner of the photos grabbed from Canva.


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