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OPPO F1s: Travel Essentials (with kids)

by - Thursday, February 02, 2017

I love to travel. Really. It's like my quick escape from the busy metropolis and my kind of relaxation. Whether it's near or far from Manila, as long as I'm away from the city, I'm fine with that. Especially when I'm with the family. It gives us more time to bond, learn from each other, and share thoughts about the place. Eat nicest food the town can offer, and swim at the beach together. How nice is that, right? 

Actually, ever since I became a mom, travelling has been parked for a long time out of our #FamilyGoals list. Why? Because the situation has been really tough. Financially and emotionally. Our time recently has been very demanding. And this past few weeks, my partner and I has been so frazzled we nearly forget to say "Hi" and kiss each other goodbye before I go to work. We were both busy on our own tasks and we needed a break. 

So, we decided that we all go to Tagaytay next week together with our 3 little munchkins. And when you're travelling with munchkins, well, I tell you, your bag will be full of baby stuff rather than yours! Lucky if you were able to bring your extra shirt. Hilarious!

1. Extra shirts
2. Towels
3. Beanies or Bonnets
4. Hygiene Kit
  • hand sanitizer
  • wet wipes
  • alcohol
  • tissue
  • baby powder
  • baby cologne
  • insect repellent
5. umbrella
6. slippers!
7. travel pillow
8. charger/powerbank 
9. cellphone
10. bottled water

That's all packed in a backpack! And, as you can see, most of it are for kids. I just sometimes bring my lippies and place it inside the bag's mini pockets, haha. 

And cellphone has been essential to most of travelers nowadays. Why? Because mobile phones are now elevated and it's multipurpose. It can be your camera, telephone, and when boredom strikes, you can play games, music, and listen to the radio on it.

For me it's essential because when you travel with family, photos are really important. Photos taken with your family is something that will surely melt your heart in the future once preserved and showed to your kids when they grow up. Photos are also evidence of places you've been to and how happy you were when you traveled with them.

It would be great especially if those photos were taken with amazing shots! Astonishing quality and cool filters. All of these I needed especially when I wanted to make our travel photos dramatic (yung tipong pang cover photo and datingan). And breathtaking night shots too! All of these are possible with OPPO F1s. One of the amazing and astounding mobile phone in the market now. It's very handy, travel-friendly gadget. All in one package! I'd love to take photos using OPPO F1s the next time I travel with my family. Fingers crossed. 

For more info about the great OPPO F1s, just hit this link and check it out! Happy travelling this 2017 backpackers! Grab an OPPO F1s  NOW.

Disclaimer: This post is for Nuffnang's blogger contest. All opinions and words are solely mine. Credits to the owner of the photos grabbed from Canva

Photos are not mine.

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