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How I Want To Spend My Me Time

by - Sunday, March 05, 2017

Are you guys like me who's in charge of the household while holding down a full time job? Who has many priorities in and out the workplace? Are you constantly stressed? Do you always feel that everything gets under your skin? Are you always in a rush mode? Girl, we both need our "ME TIME" - now! 

Lately, I've been thinking how I can get myself that and how should I spend it. I was thinking about staying at home and give myself a 16 hours of sleep, but with three super energetic kids around me? That's so impossible, you know what I mean. Even with their Lola helping me with everything, I guess staying at home would be a bad idea.

So, here's how I would like to spend it. 

I like long hour drives. I like lounging myself in one of the seats on the bus while playing my favorite songs on my phone. I like that feeling. I can think and rediscover things in my head. It's very relaxing. After that, drop off a coffee shop and feed my appetite. Will order myself a black coffee over ice, chocolate cake, and a veggielicious sandwich. Write useful blog in my favorite notebook or bring good reads with me. 

Oh yeah, right. Who wouldn't want to spend a day at the beach? I like how calming the ocean waves give to us. The salty air that whip past your face. Reading a novel while swinging on the beach hammocks, drinking my glass of ice cold lemonade. Embracing the moment when it's only you and the ocean. Aaaah! What a life. 

Please, I want to book a room in a hotel, alone, where I can sleep the whole day. I want a day when it's only me, the bed, and the pillows. But before I go to sleep, I would like to get myself a warm shower with scented candles (ha-ha) and Coldplay songs in the background. With a glass of wine, of course, to complete the familiar scene.

There you have it! I hope one day I would be able to do at least one on my lists. Hmm.. Where and how do you think I should begin? Ugh!


Photo grabbed from canva.com.

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