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Dear Future Dude

by - Sunday, April 02, 2017

This is a letter to my guy. I know he exists. Just like I know unicorns are real.

I know that you are well, safe, brilliant and excited to find me. I am glad that you grew enough balls to actually search. I am sure you are such a babe that you have had plenty of offers, but thanks for holding out for the dream. Being me.

I can’t wait to finally meet you. That moment is going to be pretty rad. And who knows when or where that moment will take place? Well, other than God. I have no idea. It could be this afternoon? It might be next year? I just hope you are on high alert, because I am ready to rock and roll with you, my love.

What I am most excited about is having a conversation with you. I cannot wait to tell you all of the wild weird sad, weird crazy, weird ridiculous, precious hilarious, and in general super weird stuff that has made me who I am today. Boy, have I been up to some mischief without you, but don’t fear, the shenanigans shall continue. And before you ask, I am really happy with that person. In fact I am proud to be me. I love that I met you later in life. Not because we won’t argue about dumb shit, but because I will know when to shut up and you will probably not push me to the edge. You will realize what I need and I will actually let you fix stuff.

We won’t book our calendar out so much that we don’t have time together, because after waiting this long to finally have you, time spent with you will be of the highest priority and my favourite way to spend it. I love that we will make the world work around our bubble. That Is the bubble I have been holding out for. And I know it’s worth it.

Thank you for not being an idiot.
Thank you, for letting me be.

I am so glad that you are a gentleman. That you have accepted my past and my 3 wonderful children. I love that you are fit. I admire your passion for your work, for social justice, I love that you are a dreamer, you are a leader, an inspiration, a real man who gets what this silly life is all about, I love that you have a heart after your Heavenly Father and most of all (and this is the clincher) I love that you found me. I stopped searching… I didn’t lose faith though it’s only because when I look, I get really distracted from the goal. Oh my! Look at the pretty lights. Oh my! There’s a unicorn…

(27 minutes later...)

Oh yeah, future dude.

You’re rad. Let’s drink coffee and watch movies one after the other. Lets have fun, like a shit tonne of it every single day. Can we please go on road-trips and take photos for that matter and shoot guns (recreationally) and sponsor our children and wear matching outfits and hold hands and spend an entire day skipping and take our children to the beach and travel and star gaze and build a tent and make love in there and change the world that we have been gifted with, our world. Our silly little world.

One condition. Let’s make each other laugh and smile daily.
Deal? Coolies.

I am so future grateful that we met (well you found me).

Until then I am going to continue to work on becoming the most amazing human being.

All my love,

Your future babe ♥

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