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#IAmUrbanBrave : Lifestyle

by - Wednesday, April 05, 2017

I live in Manila, where every street is busy, every people is in a hurry, towering skyscrapers, heavy traffic, very demanding, and leads us to a lot of hassle. But, the more you grow up in the urban jungle, the more equipped of a city dweller you become.

When I turned 20-ish, that's when I realized how important cost and worth is when living in the city. To survive the demands that the city is offering, you have to be flexible. You have to be efficient and smart. You have to think fast and be diligent. And most of all, equipped. My lifestyle changes depending on what kind of work, or hobby I am currently busy at. 

I never had my own car so I have to conquer the busy streets everyday. Commuting in Manila is really horrible. May it be in the morning or at night. And since I work at night, my lifestyle demands gears that will keep my things safe, and will make my journey every night hassle and worry free.

You’ve reached the point where your reliable gears can’t possibly last another minute. The straps are frayed, the bottom is nearly worn through and its original color is indistinguishable. Living in the city requires security and practicality. So, how to really pick gears that will go with your lifestyle, with perfect multi-functionality, worth the price, and won't compromise your style too.  

Urbanize brands are urban-friendly. It is worth the price, and will keep your things safe and secured. What I am happy about Urbanize is that, it really goes along with my lifestyle and there are a variety of brands that you may choose from! 

As I came across their website, I was able to choose 5 items that I really need in braving the urban jungle. Here they are: 

BM-BP02 Series by Elecom Philippines

Why this bag?

1. The design of the bag is very trendy. Perfect for daily and casual use, for business or formal occasions, and is perfect for all genders. Like what I was looking for. A design that won't compromise my style. 

2. It is made with firmly woven fabric geared for heavy duty use, thick strap, and is water-repellent to protect the contents. If you have read my blog about summer #OOTD, I never bring an umbrella with me. So, this bag is perfect for unexpected changes in weather. I know, hassle-free, it is!

3. Available in black, green, and purple to choose from. It is comfortable, made with high-tech fabric coating, and the thick back-padding will reduce the strain on your back, even you're on the bus, standing. 

Slingsafe™ LX50 Anti-Theft Mini Cross Body Bag by PacSafe

Why this bag

1. Who says only women wear sling bags? Men can also have it too! It's unisex. It's available in colors that are for men and women. You can choose chili (red), denim, grey camo, black, and tweed grey. Will surely never compromise each gender's style. It is perfect for running quick errands and for laid back weekdays. 

2. It is geared with anti-theft technology, adjustable cross body shoulder strap, and quick access front pocket. Very secured and convenient. 

3. Mostly, it is simple, unstructured, and on trend. It'll fit your IPad, purse, wallet, camera, and mobile phone. And a small make-up kit. This one would really work for me on lazy days when I don't feel bringing my closet with me! (I exaggerated). 

Yay Wallet by Yay Novelty

Why this wallet

1. I only have 4 important cards in my life: My UMID card, health card, ATM card, and discount card. And I need to bring them all everyday. Aside from having a secured bag, your cards and pennies need their own place too. I chose this wallet because it goes with both my lifestyle and personality.

2. Slim. Fun. Light. Durable. And is machine washable, mind you. 

3. It is made with super strong custom constructed woven elastic, excellent stretch recovery. Perfect for me who is clumsy and isn't really cautious with my belongings. 

LED Critters by Key Gear

Why this LED Critter

1. I usually travel at night. So, just in case I have dropped something or something valuable I lost in the dark, I have this LED critter with me to save the day! And they have horse light key chain! I love horses. 

2. They also have a variety of animals to choose from!

3. It also produces an entertaining sound effect and can be a perfect gift! It's easy to clip on your bags too!

Suction Bottle Classic by ArtiArt

Why this bottle?

1. Number one requirement that we have in the office is to bring spill-proof bottles with us. And this bottle is perfect for it works on all flat and non-porous surfaces such as desks or tables. Will not tip over if you accidentally knock into it.

2. Lift up straight and it will detach itself quickly and easily.

3. It has twin wall insulated keeps beverage hot for longer. Which is so perfect for me. You know how I needed coffee everyday. And I like my coffee hot. 

City-dwelling will be more exciting with these items. I know that city life is busy, drastic, and boring. But with the Urbanize products, you'll be urban ready and brave. Ready to conquer whatever the city has to give and brave to face the hassle streets and the crowd for you know you're secured, convenient, and prepared. 

Check out their website for the location and other brands available.

Disclaimer: This post is for Nuffnang's blogger contest. All opinions and words are solely mine. Credits to the owner of the photos grabbed from Canva and Urbanize. This entry won as well!


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