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Chill Weekend

by - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My friends from grade school and I met last weekend for simple catch-up. We always make time for mini reunions, once or twice a year to reminisce and check each other's life lately. 

If you have an active nightlife, choosing the right place is not that hard if you live here in Manila. All the cities got their own cheap, but cozy, snug places where you can enjoy your weekend. Nightlife scenes here are usually just with beers, loud music with disco lights, and live bands. But, if your group of friends is anything like us who would prefer a house party (because it's way cheaper, duh), let's set the table, then! 

Pinoys usually prefer a place where there's videoke. People around the globe know Filipinos this way. We love to sing, you guys! We're bireteras by heart. 

Going back, we held our mini-reunion (because we were only 7 ha-ha) at the Giligan's, Market! Market!. Our nightlife staple would always be beers and pulutan (and water to those who don't drink). It was actually a good day to drink because it rained before we even started.

When the beers, food, and water were served, we had a group selfie (to make others envy for not coming that night). Nope, we didn't focus on our mobile phones whilst having our beer. We had a lot to catch up that day we didn't even notice it's already past 12. We had ice cream, by the way (because beer cheers are too mainstream).

As mentioned in this post, we only do this once or twice a year. Depending on our availability. So, this kind of night out truly deserves a ton of amazing group selfies!

To not compromise the photo quality as this only happens once in a blue moon, each one of you should bring a reliable selfie expert phone to capture those funny candid shots of your friends, and they to you!

For barkada night out like this, I highly recommend that you bring an OPPO phone with you. Yup! Like the OPPO A37. Why? 

OPPO A37 comes with a BEAUTY CAMERA for brighter group selfie even in low-light places like night bars. 

Flash for better night club selfies? Fret not - OPPO A37 has SCREEN FLASH for perfect selfies even in low-light dance floors!

After party group photos outside the night bars? Photos of the night bar's aesthetics?  OPPO A37 got you covered by it's 8MP rear camera! Perfect for that amazing, jump shot when you're already drunk! (wink).

Level up your nightlife photos next time with OPPO A37. Work hard, party harder!

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How about you? When was your last night out and why it was memorable? What is your favorite beer? Share me your photos, party-goers!

Disclaimer: This post is for OPPO Philippines and Nuffnang blogger contest. All opinions and words are solely mine. Credits to the owner of the photos grabbed from Canva.com and Google.com

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