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School Essentials

by - Saturday, June 24, 2017

My favorite part about back-to-school aside from meeting new and old friends, teachers, and new classroom is shopping for new school supplies! My mom used to bring me to Divisoria a week before the school year starts. But when I turned college, my mom would let me buy my own stuffs and do the budget! (For crying out loud mama, I hate Math!). Anyway, that was a long time ago (10 years ago to be exact and stop doing mental Math of my age, you guys).

So, when I was in college, I have 5 absolute school essentials that help me with my everyday tasks at school. They are essential for me because without one of them, I feel like my whole school year's going to be a mess, and I'll be unproductive. Alright, let's get started!
At this point in time, if I were still in college, I would add one more tool to my list as part of my school essential. I think, having the right gear at this point is really necessary where you can just do everything in one click while riding a bus to school for quick research and for updates. Before, we have to wait for the morning show when it rains to check whether the school announced if there's a class or none. Now, you can just simply check your school or university's Facebook page for updates. Before, you have to go to the nearest computer shop (If you don't own one) to do your research, while you endure the noise of DOTA players in the background. Now, you can just simply visit your Google app on your smartphone in the comfort of your home. Yup, I was talking about the right smartphone. I know that most universities or schools don't allow phones inside the classroom, but this gear can help you maximize your time while waiting at the MRT station (Right?). Let me share with you the other reasons why smartphones are the best part of your school essentials.
Photos and videos: The photo and video capabilities of smartphones should not be overlooked. Class assignments can be augmented in interesting ways by encouraging students to add photos or video content to their work, and then posting it to a class repository on such site as YouTube.

Audio recording: The voice memo app on smartphones is another tool that can be leveraged in classrooms. And doing an oral history assignment with a smartphone is another possible use.

Research: Using smartphones for on-the-fly research during class is a start. But a good next step is having students gather pertinent information and then learn ways to analyze the validity of their sources.

Text messaging: In addition to posting class assignments on a website or tweeting them, teachers can also simply send an assignment text message to their students. “Remember, history quiz this Friday!” is an easy reminder, and one students are unlikely to miss.

Read the news: Many teachers often include news articles as part of their teaching methods (for example, in Economics). With an endless amount of news gathering mobile applications, you can bring news and current affairs into the classroom in an instant.

Dictionary: There are a multitude of dictionary applications that allow you to check the meaning of a word instantly.

Read eBooks: When learning, applying for a job position or going to University, reading PDFs and manuals can be mandatory. For this reason, applications like Kindle allow us to read books and manuals from anywhere.

Calculator: There are numerous applications that enable you to perform all the operations of a scientific calculator. This helps reduce the amount of items students must carry in their bags.

Make presentations: Instead of having to carry around external hard drives and USB sticks, store the material in your mobile phone and connect it directly to the projector. 

Clock: Studies have shown that more people are reaching for their mobile phone to check the time rather than checking their wristwatch. Why not check the weather on your mobile device too?

Weather: For those teachers who like to move the lesson outdoors, weather apps can come in very useful to see the forecast. These apps can also serve specific lessons in explaining the climatic conditions in other regions/countries.

Play: There is much talk of the gamification of the educational process, i.e. the need to transform learning into a game as much as possible. There are literally hundreds of educational apps that can make learning more enjoyable and easier on the students.

Why smartphones are useful for studying? 

  • While waiting for coffee or riding the bus home, you can flip through flashcard decks or e-books on your smartphone to efficiently master classroom material and make the most of your valuable time.
  • Being tied to the website essentially means that you can only study while sitting at your desk at home--after school, after any extra-curricular activities or sports team practices, and after dinner. Studying from a smartphone enables you to multitask and get in 10 or 20 minutes of studying here and there throughout the day to make more productive use of down time between activities.
  • Smartphones don’t make you smarter, and they don’t make studying any more fun. For me, smartphones make studying more convenient and enable students to study any time and anywhere, making it significantly more likely that the studying will get done.

Now, the question is, what is the right gear? 

To become a more productive student, having the right gear will completely lessen the stress for the whole school year and will make studying more convenient and efficient, especially when your smartphone comes with sleek and handy display. All of these reasons are possible when you have the right gear equipped with the following which can be found in OPPO's F3 Selfie Expert Dual Selfie Camera.

OPPO F3 Selfie Expert is equipped with all specifications needed for students that can be used at school projects, activities, and reports with no hassle. Because of it's DUAL SELFIE camera, students can surely achieve an amazing classroom group selfie for school yearbook packed in one, handy mobile. 

With all those reasons for you to have a smartphone as your absolute school essential, I'm sure you're now more than excited in braving the whole school year! But hey, always bear in mind that high technology comes with great discipline. Make sure not to use smartphone as an excuse not to read books, not to mingle with your classmates, and not to explore your childhood. Enjoy your school year and balance school and social life. 

Visit this link for more details about this amazing smartphone.

Do you have educational apps recommendations? Let me know at the comment box below!

Disclaimer: This post is for OPPO Philippines and Nuffnang's blogger contest. All opinions and words are solely mine. Credits to the owner of the photos grabbed from Canva.com


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