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Foodstagram 101

by - Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Do you love to take food photos? Are you active in Instagram? Good. Now is the right time for you to start a foodstagram feed. But, how to take foodstagram worthy food photos? If you're a starter, here's my no-brainer guide for you. 

By the way, I've been loving to take food photos lately. I don't know, but I figured that it's easier to take food photos than travel photos (honestly). With just a few steps, and by using only your smartphone, it's now easier to achieve the foodstagram feed you're eyeing for.

Natural light is EVERYTHING. When you eat at the restaurant and wanted to feature their current menu, or just want to update your Instagram of your whereabouts, finding the right light will help you. Just make sure you'll sit right next to the window next time.

Framing will make your food stand out. It's not like a human that will find its own angle for you. It's YOU who will do the framing. Pro Tip: Make sure that your photo is in SQUARE size so you'll know how exactly it will look like on your IG feed.

Most foods look fresh for a very short time. If you want your food photo to look more delightful, be quick. Take a photo right after it gets served.

Keep things simple. Have same minimalist approach. After that, add extras to the shot only when they help tell the story. Most props used for food photos are table napkins, salt and pepper, and olives. Actually, the garnish itself is already the props. So, be careful when you add props so the focus will still be on the food.

If you got inspired on the tips I have shared with you, it's best to start with the right gear. Most of food photos are taken outside. May it be in the restaurant, on the street, events, or at the party. So, a handy-dandy phone is really a must for a quick food photo shoot. And what I highly recommend for you guys is the OPPO F3 phone. Why?

First, it's handy and sleek. We want to take your food a quick photo while it's fresh. Because of it's 5'5 inches screen, framing game is not a problem too. What I love about this phone when I checked its review on YouTube is that, you can take your photos is HD, and has touched-focus features. Food photos look great, especially when the subject is focused. And honestly, even without the help of other photo editing apps, the quality of the food photo taken by an OPPO F3 phone is already great because of its 13MP rear camera!

Sharpness is the key. Food photos will be more drooling when the sharpness of the photo is enhanced and adjusted just right. Have you tried to take a selfie whilst you lick an ice cream? Selfie game with you sipping your favorite frappe is best taken with an OPPO F3 that now has a DUAL SELFIE CAMERA. The main front camera has 16MP which is perfect for selfie, and secondary front camera with 8MP for group selfie - say CHOW!

Let me share with you some of the food photos I have uploaded on my IG account (@itscrissified) associated with #foodstagram for quick search. Fact, these photos were taken using an OPPO phone. I just used VSCO and IG filters for a more dramatic look.

A post shared by C R I S 🌻 (@itscrissified) on

A post shared by C R I S 🌻 (@itscrissified) on

For IG filters, CLARENDON is the most used filter for foodstagram worthy food photos (refer to the pancake photo). For VSCO, A9 filter is the best for warm-toned food photos (refer to the burger photo). Just make sure to choose the right amount of exposure (brightness), sharpness, and temperature (warm). Always remember that too much is not good. You want your food photo realistic and enticing.

Up your foodstagram game now with the help of OPPO F3 Selfie Expert Dual Camera phone.


Share with us your foodstagram worthy food photos by adding #OPPOF3 on your next foodstagram post! Good luck. ♥

Disclaimer: This post is for OPPO Philippines and Nuffnang blogger contest. All opinions and words are solely mine. Credits to the owner of the photos grabbed from Canva.com

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