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Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!

by - Saturday, August 19, 2017

Do you mind if I rant?

Gift-giving, especially during the holiday season stresses me out. The thought of taking time to drive to the mall, more time to find a parking space and even more time to stand in long lines to buy the perfect gift gives me chest pains. And to top it off, after spending all that time buying the perfect gift, the person may not even like the thing and return it. Or worst, toss it in the trash can. And that gives me even more chest pains. So, instead of you buying a gift, just to buy a gift, buy a thoughtful gift.

Here are my three (3) foolproof tips to guarantee a perfect gift for all occasions.

When you reach the age of 20 and above, most of the gifts that we usually give to our friends, colleagues, and families are gifts that you know they usually consume. May it be their favorite food, sweets, wine, or honey. To make sure that they’ll love and will definitely appreciate your gift, give the gift of their favorite consumables. I personally suggest that you give those brands of wine that they haven’t tried yet and are highly recommended on social media for reference. You may place them in a basket to make it more personalized and put a note of the history of the wine and its benefits to the receiver.

For homemade goodies such as cookies, why not place them in a clean jar or box, with a note of it’s perfect pairing and on when they can perfectly have a cookie break like:

"Since you always love writing down your goals in a journal in the morning, why not munch a cookie with your favorite coffee while planning your day ahead? Hope you’ll love the idea!"

Cake in a jar is becoming a trend now and can actually be ordered online for there are a variety of bakeshops that delivers them. You may also send out your preferred theme and note for the receiver. Same with honey, which can also be placed in a jar. For honey, you can buy a gallon of honey in the mall or market place, then buy jars and do it on your own to make it more personalized. You may also include a note on how they can use honey as a skin care and other benefits.

We always have those friends who are tech-savvies. I got that covered for you guys. These gadgets are essential especially if they travel a lot and take lots of photos. You all know how useful a power bank is. If you have that one friend who plays mobile games a lot, give them this. A good power bank should have at least 5,000 mAh up to 20,000 mAh (milliamp-hour). This number is already good for a day or two. 

Believe me or not, I have those friends who also love to party and take groufies (group photos) at night. Well, I will definitely give them a selfie ring light to achieve that perfect selfie. Also, since most of us now love to save photos for the future and important files such as certificates, documents, etc. Why not give them either an external hard drive or a portable USB? These babies come in handy and are affordable. You may refer to other sites or online shops for better brands.

The first time I learned about gift certificate is when I was 12 years old. That was the year when my father’s company (he was a company driver there) started to give out SM Gift Pass every December as a reward to their employees. Being said that, every year, whenever mama will receive it, she will then ask me to accompany her to SM Hypermarket to buy groceries for noche buena and for the New Year’s eve. From then on, it became my favorite time of the year! (Ha-ha).

Not only we go to SM Hypermarket, we also go to the SM Store for my new school shoes and new clothes for my siblings. And like every year, mama will buy a new leather belt for papa using also the SM Gift Pass (And for the love of God, I almost cried while writing this. Those were my favorite memory when I was a kid).

Anyway, the reason why services can be a hassle-free gift for all occasion is because all you have to do is purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE online. Once purchased, no need for you to think of a perfect gift, stand in long lines, and give yourself chest pains after they returned the gift to you because it doesn’t fit them.

Aside from the SM Gift Pass, you may also purchase a SODEXO Premium Pass online. We all know that Sodexo is one of the largest gift voucher company worldwide and the biggest issuer of gift certificates in the Philippines. They also offer a lot of services and recipients can choose from a ton of SM affiliated establishments plus 9,000 more merchant stores nationwide! Your recipient will never run out of options to choose from. Whether they use it for shopping, movie theaters, sporting events, restaurants - name it! GC Regalo has a lot to offer and recipients will surely enjoy every piece of gift certificate you’ll be sending them. Speaking of sending, purchase a minimum of PHP 2,000 GC online and shipping will be FREE!

For me, the perfect gift is the freedom to choose what you like and should not waste most of your time. With these options. I hope you guys will enjoy gift giving in the comfort of your home. If you're interested to know more about GC Regalo, it's here.

Good luck! ♥

Disclaimer: This post is for Nuffnang's blogger contest. All opinions and words are solely mine. Credits to the owner of the photos grabbed from Google. This entry won a consolation prize!

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