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When You Hustle Hard, You'll Get A Reward

by - Friday, November 24, 2017

Last time I posted a blog about why Sodexo gift certificates are hassle-free. Today, as you read this post on, let me share with you the most rewarding gift certificate I received when I started working in the corporate world.

I'm a working mom since I was 20 years old. I started as an ESL instructor in a Korean company based here in Manila. After two years I then tried to work in a BPO company as it was a booming industry then, until today.

Working in this industry requires flexibility. You need to be able to adapt to changes as it's inevitable. One day you learned this, the next day it's useless. One day you were on a morning shift, the next week transition to the graveyard. No wonder people who work in this kind of business gets tired easily. Well - not everyone. Because to others, as long as you love what you're doing, you'll never feel you're working every day of your life and you'll lose track of time. Like one day you were only on a probationary status, now you're already on your way to your second year and on the promotion list. It's just a matter of a positive mindset while you enjoy your stay in any company, so you won't feel tired.


Being flexible I guess is one of the attitude that I was able to acquire for the last 7 years in this business. And being a mom as well helped me nurture it as I don't want any time being wasted and multitasking is my game. But, forgive me when I say that during those 7 years, I have incurred bad attendance in 2 different companies before I started working with Convergys. I was on a financial account during that time and for the love of God, how strict they were when it comes to attendance and communication skills (Yes. You have to speak in English even on the lift. It was fun though). From there I thought I had to do something to change my bad habit of going to work late. It's not because I always leave our house late, it's most of the time because of the super heavy traffic at EDSA Ayala (Defensive! But, yeah. I know you can relate).


One day, our team leader proposed a game plan. That management will be giving away five thousand worth of Sodexo gift certificates to those who will NEVER incur infractions with attendance for two months! And mind you guys, that's on top of our monthly attendance incentive! The plan was timely as it was two months before December.

So, I was there, in the corner of the huddle room, trying to figure myself out if I can do it. Which I have to because number 1, I had two lates already and number two, I need those GC's for my Mama.

Motivated, I bought a cute notebook where I planned my day ahead, for two months. I removed unnecessary activities on my timeline and focused on the goal.

Two months later, our team leader discussed the improvement game has brought to our team and to each one of us. In the corner again of the huddle room (favorite spot para di mapansin ha-ha), I was there, praying that I was able to hit the goal and that I will be chosen for the GCs. I was confident enough since I never incurred attendance issues for the last two months (Yeah. Whew! Habal pa more!). While nail biting, everyone looked at me for my supervisor raised two certificates with my name on it - one for the most improved agent and the other one for perfect attendance with 0% error rate! Everyone in the room cheered when she handed me over those certificates and an envelope with a note - "You hustled hard. That's why you deserve this reward" (Goosebumps all over me while writing this. I can still feel the vibe).

Yes, it has taught me a lot in just two months. It taught me the habit of being prompt and to always focus when you have a goal. I worked hard that time, really hard.

When I reached home, I then handed those Sodexo gift certificates to my Mama with pride. The feeling was just really fulfilling. Fulfilling because you know that those rewards were the fruits of hard work and determination. Rewarding, because Mama was so proud of me and was so astonished upon receiving those. Menos gastos na daw para sa pasko at bagong taon.

She then used it for groceries at the SM Hypermarket. What's good about the Sodexo gift certificate is that, you can use it for a wide range of stores and outlets nationwide.

Finding the merchant near you is now easy in just a few clicks!

And just recently, I learned that Sodexo GC’s have always been and forever will be valid, and that re-validation and replacement of Sodexo GC’s are free of charge once the validity date is reached.

I read that some people can work really well under pressure, and a certain amount of pressure is needed in order for you to push yourself and succeed. However, in order to keep your mental and physical health in order, you should remember to reward yourself.

Also, for you guys out there who owns a company, appreciation is a fundamental human need. Employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms their work is valued. When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work. Rewarding them with Sodexo gift certificates is one of the best things you can offer aside from cash. It's hassle-free for the employees because they will still have options to choose where they can avail it.


Therefore, this coming holidays, reward and recognize employees for their hardworks by giving out Sodexo gift certificate. Not only they will become more productive, you'll also earn their trust and loyalty once they feel that you value them. Trust me, it's going to be a win-win situation.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Disclaimer: This post is for Nuffnang's blogger contest. All opinions and words are solely mine. Credits to the owner of the photos from Unsplash.

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