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When It Rains, It Pours

by - Friday, December 08, 2017

Okay, before I start (sips coffee), I've been wondering why I was feeling a little gloomy and down this past few days. I can't even express myself or form them into pretty little sentences. I can't even share it to my friends for I know they wouldn't understand, for sure (kahit ako nga eh di ko alam). So, here I am. Just writing it down here on my blog so I can somehow release the drama in me.

So what exactly is my problem? I don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure it out but I can’t. Wait. I think I know why but I just can't tell anyone (It's not like I'm dying, sick, or what). Basta, ang gulo ko. Ang OA ko about sa feelings ko.

Okay. Let's start with family issues. My sister and I had a fight over a trivial thing last month. My Papa got mad at me for some reason. I can't help my Mama financially. Next, at work. No, I don't have any issues with the company. It's my attendance that has been doing really bad lately. Third, my heart. It's currently on its phase where it doesn't know what to feel. I can't say that I'm falling in love with someone, but I'm currently liking the "kilig" he brings me. But I can't still say that he's mine. That I'm hers. No, there's nothing like that at the moment. It's super complicated. I'm complicated (sips coffee again).

After an hour ..

But yeah, there are still things that I have to be focusing on and be grateful. My kids are healthy. I have a job. I have friends who are always there to listen to my non-sense side. To my family. To the free food in the office. To my free rides. To Youtube because of the videos that somehow helps me keep myself productive because the "How-To-Organize" videos are hella astounding! To my friend's playlist on Spotify because it's sick beats! (Shoutout to @freedomfroiday). To my 200 pesos left on my wallet. To my shoes. To my umbrella for keeping me dry earlier. To my coffee here for keeping me awake for my eyes are drooping at the moment...

Well, maybe it's just the weather.. and the South Border song (Hello, titas of Manila ) 😊

NP: Rainbow

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