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What You Need To Know About Aral Turo

by - Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hi, crislings! How is it going?

Today I'm in the mood to share with you this new company founded here in the Philippines. And if you're looking for a home-based job, especially online teaching, and if you're looking for online business courses for your next business affair - then this post is for you.

I mentioned in this post that I was a former ESL instructor in a Korean company based here in the Philippines. We pretty much teach Korean students via phone or webcam. It was fun and it helped me a lot in learning the Korean culture, learned new things about the English language as I also read the materials we used for the students, and it gave me the opportunity to practice the language more and hone me to become who I am today, especially in my new chosen career which is being in the BPO industry and blogging. 

And if you live here in the Philippines, and work your ass-off 9 hours a day, not to mention the heavy traffic along EDSA, you become physically stressed and will deprive yourself to do more after work because you're tired already. Maybe that's the main reason why a lot of people who bought a laptop and installed internet in their home choose to work home-based rather than working in an office based company to avoid this kind of hassle. Toxic much!

What is "Aral Turo" (Study and Teach) by the way? 

Aral Turo is a social enterprise supplementary to the traditional education. They provide a social learning platform that can be used by anyone who wants to teach and study online. 

👍They created a platform for students and teachers to manage your quizzes, assignments, events and announcements all in here. This is perfectly built for you. This does not only save your paper wastes but also time to manage your class in the comfort of your home.

👍Earn money from your previous classes by uploading them and let students learn from it. Or get contacted by students for tutorial services online or offline.

👍Creates a platform for students and Instructors to learn, teach and study. It is also applicable to online teaching solution for businesses, marketing, and other special lessons/courses.

💻They made it EASY to make it user-friendly for teachers and students.

💻They upgrade studying and teaching online by integrating eCommerce and Learning Management System to make it more EFFICIENT.

💻They embrace cultural diversity by building a learning community allowing teachers and students collaborate.


They will help you upgrade your freelance career by creating your own business profile in their website. You can manage your courses and assess your students with their user-friendly tools.


Through their innovative tools, you can study in two ways: by private tutoring or by buying video courses online. You can also check for teachers who can help you with your homework or any project.


People behind Aral-Turo are also teachers that's why they know how much the teachers are earning nowadays. In Aral Turo, teacher's can set their own rate based on their credentials. Certified teachers and LET passers have higher rates. You can set your rate in your profile and the course you create. They will review courses created by the teachers before publishing it to make sure it is aligned to their standards.


They make it realistic for teachers and students to live a laptop lifestyle. Imagine working or studying anywhere and anytime they want.. at home.. coffee shop.. or even when traveling. For teachers, NO higher management.. NO fixed shifts.. NO mandatory schedules.. Work on holiday.. NO traffic. You're the BOSS!

Click here to see what they have in store for you.


Register for free. Setup your account with your e-mail address. Activate it. No credit card information needed. Teacher? APPLY HERE


Add any multimedia content to your courses such as pdf, documents, images, videos, ebooks and podcasts.


Customize your profile and courses to attract more students. Make it your own. No need to be tech savvy with our user-friendly tools.


Publish your courses to earn money. Every completed lesson or purchased course will be seen in your profile earnings. They process their payment for you.


Connect to your students by adding them as a friend. Chat and send them messages privately when necessary. Create events, training and group discussions to build a relationship with your students.

To know more about Aral-Turo, you may visit their website hyperlinked or shoot them an email at hello@aralturo.space or give them a call at +63 (02) 356-3017.

Aral-Turo's social media channels:

👍 Facebook

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  1. This is like Teachable in Filipino! This is nice.

    1. It is! If you have any plans beh or questions, just let me know and I will directly contact the founders for you :)