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10 Things You Can Do On A Rainy Day

by - Monday, June 11, 2018


I've been out of the office for 3 days now because of these cough and fever that's killing me. No need to worry, I'm negative from bronchitis or pneumonia as per the doctor. Anyway, timely because of this leave, I was able to update my blog and because of this weather, I'd like to share with you guys what I personally do when it rains outside. Aside from sleeping, I make other productive things so I won't get rusty and too emotional.

People always associate rainy days with depression. This should not be the case if you can find something fun or productive to do. There are 10 things in this list, and some of these do not really apply to everyone or to all genders and ages. However, you can maybe pick one or a few of the things in here to get you preoccupied during the rainy days. Who knows? If you learn to like whatever it is that you have just discovered doing, you might be able to make it your own hobby.

  1. Watch a movie.Some people prefer to watch their favorite movies over and over to make them feel better, while others would like to watch random movies on cable. This will definitely make the rainy days more fun, especially when you spend it with the people you love.
  2. Write in your journal what your plans are for the next few months.
  3. Read a book. This might seem like a cliche’, but reading a book has always been considered fun and productive.
  4. Check your unread emails. 
  5. Minimize the use of social media apps
  6. Have 30 minutes of silent meditation.
  7. Get a warm shower and do your usual skincare routine
  8. Enjoy a good cup of coffee, either at home or a nearby cafe.
  9. Update your blog and plan for new ideas. 
  10. Visit a friend and talk about something that's been bothering you.
You don’t have to do all of these things at one rainy day all at once. You just need to know that there are many productive and fun things that you can do even without sunshine. Any of these things will make you feel better about yourself and will make others feel better too. 💙

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