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My 28 Wishes

by - Sunday, June 10, 2018


It has been this blog's tradition to write something about my birthday. Last year I wrote about 27 things to do when you're 27 - and today, since I'm a little bit emotional (ugh, this weather), I'm in the mood to write all 28 wishes that I could think of.

I've been so unmotivated to celebrate my birthday this year. I lost a very good friend, there has been a lot of things to pay in school, bills, and all that adulting/parenting stuff - these reasons suck the excitement out of me. Birthdays should be celebrated. It's a celebration of life, another year of you being alive. But how? The only thing for me to vent this all out is to write here all the things I would like to happen or I wish to have or I wish to eat before my birthday (which I know would be very impossible), pero sabi nga nila - libre lang mangarap, damihan na natin 😊

  1. Chocolate cake
  2. Double dutch ice cream
  3. Coffee date with anyone at the Coffee Project
  4. Karaoke night with anyone
  5. Jolly spaghetti
  6. New pair of chucks
  7. New pair of jeans
  8. Fujifilm X-A3
  9. Internet connection
  10. Colorful pens!
  11. Ruby's skin (mobile legends)
  12. New umbrella
  13. Tumbler from SB
  14. Reusable straws
  15. Cheesecakes!
  16. Dumplings
  17. Samgyeopsal!
  18. Xiaolongbao 💗
  19. Bouquet of flowers (Never received one yet)
  20. Black pouches! (So I can finally organize things inside my bag)
  21. A day at Enchanted Kingdom!
  22. Photo-walk in Manila
  23. Day tour in Tagaytay
  24. Visit Pinto Art Museum
  25. Learn to drive a motorcycle 😋
  26. Get a new hair color (oh, for crying out loud!)
  27. Make arts
  28. And lastly, let me sleep for 16 hours .. 
Wish me a happy birthday on July 1st guys! 😏

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  1. I like this idea! Sana I read this post last June! Haha. para syang simplified na bucket list. Next year, I will do this! haha. Okay lang ba? hahaha

    xo, Janine | Off-Duty Mama