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Best Christmas Gift Idea

by - Friday, October 12, 2018

For those who truly delving into the unknown of gift giving, sticking to the basics will work in your favor. Think: kind gestures that are non-aggressive, noncommittal, and sans heavy emotions. For instance, try a pack of chicly wrapped soaps because, well, they are pretty and smell nice. (And hopefully, the recipient washes his hands from time to time.) Also, you can’t go wrong with tableware. Most people use plates and cups. Spice up their cupboard with a zebra-striped dish or a set of pretty cocktail glasses.

Dare to go to the next level when it comes to gifting a stranger? That calls for being a bit more thoughtful and attentive. Maybe your charming desk-mate is on a health kick? If you’re feeling extra-generous, buy her a juicer. What if she has several succulents near her computer? Try a book dedicated to indoor plants. And when all else fails? Everyone loves—and, of course, needs—good socks.

And if you feel like there is nothing you have in mind to give as a gift for some reason - you will also never go wrong with Sodexo Gift Certificate! It has always been the country's best gift idea for all occasions - and yes, the best Christmas gift idea of all time.

GC Regalo offers a ton of options for us to choose from on their website. You can choose gift certificates exclusive for specific stores, shops, services, and even gift certificates for your employees this coming holiday. We all know that Sodexo is one of the largest gift voucher company worldwide and the biggest issuer of gift certificates in the Philippines. They also offer a lot of services and recipients can choose from a ton of SM affiliated establishments plus 9,000 more merchant stores nationwide! Your recipient will never run out of options to choose from.

Advance Merry Christmas and make merry in gift giving! ♥

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