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Petal Velvet Sunaway

by - Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Did you know that you still need to wear sunscreen even the sun is out or it's cloudy outside? And even you spend a fair amount of time indoors? YES! Because we are still exposed to UV rays! From lamps and other indoor light sources. And when overlooked, it may cause skin damage and early signs of aging.

Today, I am excited to share with you my verdict about the newest addition to Althea Korea's Petal Velvet Collection - the PETAL VELVET SUNAWAY 🌹

I received the item last week of October and used it 2 days after I received the parcel. I was excited to try the item as I've been eyeing for sunscreen that will suit my combination skin and to at least control the sebum on my T-zone. It looks really gross under the sun and makes me waste 6-7 oil blotter sheets per day. Such a hassle.


  • Do your usual skincare routine.
  • Don't forget to apply your daily moisturizer.
  • Then apply Petal Velvet Sunaway before sun exposure (Shake well please!)

Damask Rose : Petal Velvet Sunaway contains Damask rose extracts to moisturize and smoothen the skin. Damask rose has a natural nanomolecular composition that is rich in vitamins to penetrate deep into the skin, soothing sensitivities and strengthening it for a radiant glow.


Micro Powder Barrier : Micro particles absorb sebum and excess oil from the skin to give a light, velvety finish. As you apply the Sunaway, hyaluronic acid replenishes moisture and deeply hydrates the skin.

Hydrating, Fresh Formula : Controls excess sebum on the skin with a micro powder system while hyaluronic acid ensures the skin is kept hydrated throughout the day. 

Advanced Non-Chemical UV Filter : Applies evenly and smoothly onto the skin without leaving a white cast behind. This is due ti an advanced non-chemical UV filter with a more transparent formula. 


  • It's long-wearing. Perfect for daily use. 
  • It leaves no white cast and stickiness feeling - makes my skin hydrated throughout the day.
  • So far it didn't give me any breakouts or so during 4 days of usage - perfect for sensitive skin.
  • I like the velvety smooth finish it leaves on my skin, feels like you're wearing a powder.
  • And most of all, it really does control the sebum on my face! I swear you guys, if you have oily T-zone like me, you must try this one!
  • Plus, it smells good. It may smell overpowering when you apply but it will fade a few minutes after application. 
  • Super affordable also! For only Php480 you get to have these benefits that I'm sure you've been wanting to have for a sunscreen. 

Dermatologists recommend to use a sunscreen with an SPF30 or higher to block 97% of the sun's UVB rays. And I'm happy to announce that Petal Velvet Sunaway has an SPF50+, PA++++ - high enough to bask in the sun.

Also, to keep you fresh all day, make a complete duo now with Althea Korea's special deal that includes one Petal Velvet Powder of your choice for only Php621.

To know more about their growing Petal Velvet Collection, visit Althea Korea shop now and their social media sites:

What do you think? Would this be added to your holy grail as well? Would you also give it a try? Let me hear your thoughts down there! Thank you! 💗

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