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About Cris

Thrilled you are here!

I'm Cris Aurestila and I run itscrissified.com. My blog and I have been together for a year now and so far it's doing great.

This blog mainly focuses on tips, reviews, and lifestyle. Pretty much anything under the sun. I love to write. And I will write as long as I know it will help my readers with their lives. (Awwww)
I don't have a theme, really. It's because currently I don't have the basic equipments for blogging like - laptop, DSLR camera, and editing tools. But I know I'll get there, and I'll cross the bridge when that happens - LOL - srsly, I only use my smartphone and our company's computer to post. I hope that inspires you enough to continue with what you love to do with less of the equipment you have. And by the way, I use Canva a lot on my graphic designs, and Unsplash for stock photos.

Other things that I love:

50 shades of purple
Floral prints (Cath Kidston ones, yaas!)
Sunrise and sunsets
Editing photos
Taking photos using only smartphone
Drinking and karaoke with friends
I used to be a dancer when I was in college, and yes, I still love to dance.
Playing guitar
90's fashion

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