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OPPO F1s: Pinoy #Foodstagram

by - Sunday, March 12, 2017

I love to eat, therefore I love food! Especially Pinoy delicacies. Whether it's viand, desserts, soup- everything! (Well, balut is the only exemption, though).

Living in a "Millenial" age, so they called, everything is being posted now on social media, associated with a "#" for quick search and check which one went viral for today. I am so active in Instagram and post most of my daily photos. Photos that are remarkable. Being said that, posting photos of what I eat and what I am craving for currently are not exempted.

What is foodstagram, anyway? According to urbandictionary.com, it is a snapshot of a food moment posted on instagram, usually intended to make others jealous about the current libations one is consuming or has prepared.

Let's move on to the food. Oh, yes! I have a long list of food that I really like here in the Philippines. Top on my list would be the nilagang baboy (pork stew). Well, I think it's the family tradition already that we always have a stewed dish on the table. If none, at least soup. My clan in Bohol really loves stewed dishes. So, growing up, it has been my appetite's favorite.

Last time, while thinking about what to have for lunch, my colleague sent me a photo and I really hate him about it (ha-ha). He sent me a photo of nilagang baboy and I was screaming to death that day since we already bought something for lunch and it was too late for me to cook nilagang baboy since it will take ages, for sure. And my stomach can no longer handle the hunger. Tough luck for me.

The revenge has yet to come! I am planning to cook pork stew, maybe next week, on my rest day and will post it right away on IG with the hashtags - #foodstagram #nilagangbaboy, #porkstew, #myturn.

Now, how would I be able to crave my followers and let them marvel on the dishes that I will be posting soon? Well, that's when food photography comes in. 

What it really takes to get the perfect food photo? 

Find the light - even if that means shooting on the floor in front of the door. Just make sure the area is clean and keep your kitty cats away, you know what I mean. 

Be quick - most foods look fresh for a very short time. 

Play with the framing - it's a must! You want to get your food a perfect angle also. Sometimes having the subject of the photo be off center can make the photo more compelling to look at!

Less is more - keep things simple. Have same minimalist approach. After that, add extras to the shot only when they help tell the story.

Know your camera - after knowing the perfect light, angle, and framing, you must know the best camera that will help you with the output you're dreaming of. For that perfect foodstagram worthy food photos, I highly recommend one of the most amazing mobile phones in the market - OPPO F1s. It's handy, sleek, and wide screen (perfect for framing). Not to mention it's astonishing 13MP rear camera, perfect for my next foodstagram peg. And it's 16MP front camera, perfect also when having my dessert! Surely that's going to drool everyone because the camera will enhance the real color, and it will make the food more enticing. Plus it's touch-focus feature will emphasize the subject. All packed in one, handy mobile! Perfect for starters who doesn't have the budget for an expensive DSLR and lenses. 

Taking a foodstagram worthy photos can also be taken in the comfort of your home, in the restaurant, while having lunch with colleagues, or maybe on the street. Filipinos love street food also. Perfect to document such moment! Feeling nostalgic already. 

Now, how would you be able to make your friends drool over the pork stew after them making you feel like one? Grab an OPPO F1s now and set up the table, food junkie!

To let other people know how you took that mouth-watering pinoy food photo, try to add #OPPOF1sph. 

Disclaimer: This post is for Nuffnang's blogger contest. All opinions and words are solely mine. Credits to the owner of the photos grabbed from Canva. This entry won as well!


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