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I'm Feeling Unmotivated

by - Monday, April 03, 2017

You were inspired about this yesterday. Where did the energy go?

What happened to the excitement, the enthusiasm, my passion for building and creating this thing that I need and love?

Then self doubt and questioning drag me into even murkier waters.

Maybe I wasn't really passionate about it in the first place. Possible, but how do I KNOW for sure?

Maybe I was just not disciplined enough and just need to follow through for once. Also possible, but what if I don’t care about it actually and end up wasting my time?

I’ve found out that there are a handful of reasons my energy is slipping. There are also proven ways to take myself or yours out of the funk, and sustain our energy more evenly so that we're not always in crisis mode.

My Goal Isn’t My Own

This usually happens because I feel I need to impress other people. So I chose a goal that doesn’t really matter to me.

It works for a little while, but then I found a certain dissonance from my goal. It feels foreign to me. It doesn’t feel like something I can remember wanting in the past.

The tell-tell sign that I've chosen a goal that isn’t my own is that I can’t easily describe to someone why it matters to me, and simultaneously feel good about it. I feel it in my mind, but not in my heart.

I Always Run Away

I'm used to always running away from things, but things are generally good now. I haven’t allowed myself to run toward something.

This happens often with successful artists. They start out angry, hurt, depressed or in some form of deep pain. But as they work through that pain they undo it over time. They achieve a certain amount of success, they stop needing to struggle to survive, and their inspiration seems to disappear.

At some point I have to learned to be inspired by going toward pleasure, not just away from pain.

I Haven’t Gotten Clear On My Deep Why

I can easily choose a goal that I'm excited about, genuinely running toward something I am really passionate about. But I haven’t gotten clear on why it is important to me, it can be easy to forget and inevitably lose my motivation.

I can find myself questioning what I am doing or if it is truly the right path for me.

I am Horrible At Remembering Why I am Doing What I'm Doing

This is where both discipline and practice come into play.

I've created a vision that truly matters to me, one that I can run toward. I know the deep why and can articulate it to anyone.

Now the practice becomes staying connected and remembering that purpose at all times.

This is the hardest part and the longest work, perhaps a lifetime of work. However, I can greatly accelerate and improve my remembrance abilities by creating reminders in my environment, by practicing with others, and by starting my day with remembering my deepest why.

Let me leave you this advice that hopefully can easily help you get motivated. 

Some days you just won’t feel it and you need to go easy on yourself. Some days you need to push through the fuzz and cultivate more devotion.

We’re not robots, we all struggle staying motivated and inspired from time to time. Ride the cycles and honor your natural rhythms. Stay diligent and know the difference between the need for discipline and the need for rest and cultivation.

The right action won’t always be clear, but the more you practice, the easier it will get. ♥ 


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