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I'm Turning 27-Freaking Years Old!

by - Monday, April 24, 2017

My head and heart hurt whenever I check the calendar and start to count the days until my birthday. It's already screwing with my head, seriously. I remember when I was young, I'm excited about my birthday because a lot of my high school friends are excited too and I know that I'll get something from my parents or suitors (wink) or friends. But, when I aged 21, it felt like nobody cares anymore, only your loving family and closest friends. 

I had my first child when I was 19, and never thought how to make my life even better thereafter. Maybe because when I became a mom, I just started to see the future of my children ONLY, and not mine. I didn't want to be selfish and I thought it was mandatory. However, after I have wasted almost a decade again thinking about "what I really want", here I am screaming about "when I can get what I want!". And what actually freaking me out is that, 3 years from now, I'm already 30 and hey, Cris, what are still doing with your life? *sigh*

If you're curious, my birthday is on July 1st. And as the day goes by, I'm starting to figure out things that I guess, those who were born same year with me should start doing also. I have made my own 27-things to do when you're 27, and here they are:

1. TRAVEL - You've been inside your cage for 27 years, go and see the world this time.  

2. SAVE - Do this while you're youngish. It will pay-off later. 

3. QUIT SMOKING - I am currently smoking and I want to stop this like ASAP. You too! 

4. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN - Use sunscreen. Those lotions with SPF30 and UV protection. 

5. STOP WORRYING - Especially about what others think of you. Life would be awesome if you worry less, right? 

6. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN - Minimize the use of your phone and start looking for good reads. 

7. TREAT YOURSELF A DRINK - It is sometimes worth it. I'm not saying every weekend or every month. Just once in a while.

8. DO SOMETHING OUTRAGEOUS - Like Nike said, just do it!

9. HAVE SOME 'ME TIME' - Make time for yourself to be alone and to think.

10. BE A GOOD SAMARITAN - Do something nice to a stranger, not just for a beggar, but to those whom you think needs it. Like charities.

11. WATCH CONCERTS - Yup! We're not getting any younger! It's an experience.

12. LEARN HOW TO DRIVE - Srsly. Who doesn't want to know how to drive?

13. THINK ABOUT YOUR CAREER - Start making a plan and working towards it.

14. LEARN A NEW SKILL - I want to learn more about photography, HTML, graphic design, and video editing.

15. LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE - Yep! I want to learn how to speak and understand FRENCH. You too? Great. Let's take a class!

16. MAKE AN INTERNATIONAL DISH - That doesn't mean to become a chef, you know. I just want to learn an international dish and perfect it.

17. PICK A DECENT WINE - I want to learn how to pick a decent bottle of wine that I could also recommend to others and bring as a gift.

18. START BELIEVING YOUR MOM - Start doing what your mother told you. Not only our mothers were right, they're brilliant: never go to a party empty handed.

19. START USING A PLANNER - Start doing things ahead of time instead of waiting last minute. Use your planner. Wait. I don't have one yet!

20. BE ON TIME - Srsly. This has been my problem for the last 27 years of my life! It's not acceptable anymore! Ha-ha.

21. REST MORE - At this time of your life, this is all we ever wanted after a long, hectic day at work.

22. STAY POSITIVE - We both learned a lot and we now know that being negative will kill the happiness out of us. Let's stay positive and always give the benefit of the doubt and gather the good things in life and never think of what we can't do is the way to live.

23. BE A BETTER LOVER - It's an on going problem about me, but, you guys out there should take it seriously this time! Like, right now!

24. KEEP REAL FRIENDS - You will lose friends, but in the process, you will discover who your real friends are. This is a good thing. You are growing as a person and forward movement is more positive than it is painful.

25. MORE CAUTIOUS -Yes, we are. We should be.

26. FOLLOW YOUR OWN INSTINCTS - You know better than anyone else, after all. We all have our own path, so do what you want.

27. JUST BE YOURSELF - This is an awesome age and life will only get better from here.

I have done so many mistakes in my life, and I don't want to look back and drag myself into it now. I just want to focus on those things that I wanted to learn, discover, and correct. And be a better 'CRIS' moving forward.


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