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OPPO F1s: #FeedGoals

by - Sunday, April 09, 2017

Most of people nowadays are fond of making their Instagram feed look like an art exhibit, portfolio, or a world-class food menu. This is where like me, a frustrated photographer, showcases my talent. Instagram for me is the easiest way for you to post photos with quality even you're only using a mobile phone. Why? Because there are already downloadable apps that can help you achieve the #feedgoal you're eyeing for.

A lot of you maybe wondering what is a 'feed goal'? It's just simple as how you would like your Instagram feed represent you. How your photos will look uniform and consistent, which in the long run, will attract more viewers, or better yet, followers.

As a blogger, having an Instagram account is a must. Why? Because this is where you can let your followers know that you have a new post. And with just a photo posted on IG, and with witty caption on it, they would know what it is all about and will entice them more to visit your blog. People always recognize blogs on photos and you have to incorporate that on your Instagram feed.

Now, what it really takes to have a consistent Instagram feed? How it would represent what you're up to? Let me share some tips on how we can both achieve it. No need for you to have a DSLR camera on this post. An OPPO F1s is way more enough and I'll let you know why.

Choose an Instagram Aesthetic

You don't have to limit yourself when it comes to showcasing one part of your life just to be successful in Instagram. Why not settle for a common aesthetic, instead of choosing a theme for Instagram that'll weaves through all your photos. Choosing an aesthetic gives your freedom with your feed. When your photo fits the 'vibe', you can post about pretty much anything! You could choose a bright, golden, moody, dark, or colorful aesthetic for your Instagram feed. To choose your own, scroll through your existing feed and see what aesthetic your favorite photos have in common.

Use Similar Filters

To help you curate Instagram and have your feed flow naturally, you should have a consistent approach to editing your photos. This doesn’t mean you have to choose one filter and one filter only, but limiting yourself to a few will help you stick to your chosen aesthetic. Even if you just add a touch of the same filter each time you post, it can make your brand and Instagram feed seem more cohesive. Compare this to when you don't have to add the filter every time, and you can see a dramatic difference in how well the feed flows.

Think Before You Post It

You may get bored and tired of choosing what photos to post, but hey! It takes time. You may just store your chosen photos in your phone and decide later when you're inspired. Me myself, always have this kind of mood. So, what I do is just make a folder for my chosen photos and decide later when to post it. Even with captions! It gives me headache. But the more you're inspired of what you're doing, the more beautiful output you'll get. 

If you visit my Instagram account, @itscrissified, you would notice that recently I've been using the filter 'Gingham'. It makes my photos look dreamy with vintage feel. This filter is perfect for hipsters and fashionistas. 

Then I adjust it's brightness and contrast, depending on the lighting. It's looks better on natural light (like every filter does). For vintage touch, I adjust it to lower saturation and temperature.

A post shared by Cris Aurestila (@itscrissified) on
OPPO F1s offers a lot of useful tools that may help you achieve your Instagram feed peg. If you want a feed that will show the nocturnal in you, the camera of this phone can give you wonderful night shots because of it's sensor that maximizes light sensitivity. Making your night photos exceptional and detailed. If you want to post your selfies in different types of walls (which is a thing nowadays), it has Beautify 4.0 feature that'll capture your very best looks without fading your face (you know what I mean). And if you travel a lot and would want to give your viewers a wide-angle selfie in front of the beach, then Selfie Panorama is what you need. Making your photos stitch together to make sure that the whole scenery gets in the shot.

Start planning your Instagram theme now and use the tools mentioned above by using the OPPO F1s. You'll never get wrong with this device. Share us your new IG feed theme by using the #OPPOF1sPH and #Feedgoals. We're so excited to see how your feed goes! 

Tip: I'm in the mood to use the MONO filter of the OPPO F1s. Watch out for that ;) 

Disclaimer: This post is for Nuffnang's blogger contest. All opinions and words are solely mine. Credits to the owner of the photos grabbed from Canva.com


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