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How I Started Blogging?

by - Saturday, July 08, 2017

Hello, crislings! (Crissified's reader).

I'm still overwhelmed how this special nook of mine received almost 10 thousand views in just a span of 6 months! We're now half way through the year and I'm still hoping to get more viewers before It's Crissified's first anniversary. Fingers crossed. 

Anyway, most of my Facebook followers have requested this. And I know I promised you that I will be doing this within this week. Hey, wish granted guys!

I am no expert when it comes to starting up a blog, but, let me just share with you how it started, when I have decided to do this in the first place, so forth and so on. 

Never in my life I have known that this kind of hobby (or career to others) exists. Before, when I was in high school up to college, what I always do was check my Friendster (ahem, batchmates) and write my daily rants and raves in my so-called "Diary" (hey, that made me cringe). Yup, I was exposed to the internet world ever since but blogging never really popped up on my screen.

This all started when I was browsing for DIY baptism giveaways. I was then planning for my baby girl's baptism and checked out my best-friend, Google for more ideas. I opened several pages and all those mommy blogs inspired me so much. I had questions like, "Hey, did they buy a domain just for this?", and "How did they really started?". I checked every domain and there was one mommy blog that uses WORDPRESS. So, I checked the latter and created an account. It was easy-peasy! I had my first post which was "WHAT IT FELT TO BECOME A MOM", but I wasn't so active back then, it was in April 2016.

Alright, after maybe a few months, I went back to my Wordpress account, and browsed more blogs in between. And this beauty blogger inspired me more, her name is Martha Sta.Barbara of THE BEAUTY JUNKEE. I don't know, but for some reason her posts gave me more courage to continue blogging. Her content was inspiring and it was for different kinds of beauty and some noteworthy posts. I loved her more because of her post in encouraging new bloggers to just continue with the passion despite of how many viewers you have this month, followers, and comments you receive. Eventually, you'll get there. Just continue to inspire others.

Being said that, I continued blogging. I even had several blog names back then like:

Lippies and Nappies
Tales Of A Curious Mom
Love, Mari

I know they were hilarious! But, that's what will make your blog stand out, ridiculous BLOG NAME. If you want to know how I came up with "It's Crissified", long story short, it was because of me eavesdropping on the bus. There were two passengers talking about where to search for jobs and then I just suddenly heard "CLASSIFIED ADS" and I was just thinking of random things after that and "CRISSIFIED" just echoed somewhere. Hmm, bright idea, subconscious mind! 

After Wordpress, I moved to BLOGSPOT because Nuffnang PH didn't accept Wordpress account that time (I don't know now, but I'll update you soon). So there, It's Crissified started on 01/19/2017, but I officially accepted that I'm a blogger by heart on 02/01/2017, after reading Ms. Martha's post. So, yup, that's going to be this humble abode's anniversary! Haha!

If you noticed, I've been joining bloggers' contests, a lot! I really enjoyed it since it helps me improve my writing skills and gives me more chance of knowing other blogs. Which is really cool. And of course, the prizes that are too enticing to resist!

Right now, I update my blog twice a week (thrice if I'm not busy at my full-time job). I am currently planning to post affordable, beauty products for mommies like me, so, stay tune!

So, here are the things that you have to do before starting a blog:

  • Know if it's really your passion ♥
  • Check more blogs out there for more inspiration.
  • Choose the platform that you'll be using. You can use Wordpress, Blogspot, Tumblr, and Wix. Whichever works for you.
  • Think of what would be your blog's content. Is it going to be a mommy blog? Beauty? Fashion? Tech? - You decide. 
  • Create social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube (optl) to gain more readers and for you to get updates about the blogging industry. More readers, more chances of getting sponsors! Chaching!
  • Be honest. Post only your own works. Plagiarism is a no-no!

Alright! I think that's it for me. If you have other concerns, please let me know in the comment box below. I hope I was able to give you a hint how I really started and what are the things that you need to do that I haven't done before starting, ha-ha! Please let me know as well if you have started a blog because if this post, will truly appreciate it! Good luck, aspiring bloggers! 

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