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Creative Flatlay And Color Mixing With Faber-Castell And Googley Gooeys

by - Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Last October 28, I attended a workshop held at Acceler8 Co-working Space, Makati City, sponsored by Faber-Castell and Nuffnang Philippines, which was hosted by one of the talented artist/blogger in the Philippines, Ms. Tippy Pelayo-Go of Googley Gooeys. It was a workshop full of fun and colors!

It started around 1PM and my co-bloggers took that time to take photos of the venue. The setup matched that day's event. There were a plethora of art materials that are made by, of course, Faber-Castell. It's a well-known brand when it comes to high quality art materials such as colored pencils, water colors, and pens. It was a heaven for an artist by heart like me. They have given all the guests a loot-bag with art materials from Faber-Castell which is really awesome!

After an hour, we had our snacks. I forgot to get the name of the catering service, but all I can say is thumbs-up to their food! I loved everything that they served - especially the desserts. There were a variety of desserts to choose from and I was able to try them all. The servers were nice, neat, and alert. I bet they enjoyed watching us as well while we're doing our activity. Good job, kuyas!

First off, we started the event by getting-to-know each other. There were, I guess, 20 plus people composed of bloggers (some with their kids), Nuffnang, and Faber-Castell team. It was fancy meeting other bloggers on that event. We introduced ourselves one by one and what do we blog about. I know most of them, especially the people of Nuffnang since I joined them at an event in September. People were nice and accommodating.

Celerhina of celerhinaaubrey.com
Bea of beadeegee.com
Tippy of googlygooeys.com
Ms. Tippy started the day with the introduction to color palette, how we can choose our own color palette for our blog, basic rules of color mixing, and tips on how to mix and match the colors even without the help of the color wheel. It was very interesting. I've always had a hard time finding my color palette for the blog and with the help of this workshop, I now know how I can choose my own colors!

After learning the basic color mixing techniques, we, of course have to try it out! We were given copies where we will be applying the colors from our Connector Paint Box that comes in 12 colors plus paint brush.

The watercolor activity was so fun and meditating (for some reason). Even I didn't have enough sleep that day, I was surprisingly awake and focused during the entire activity, tsk. The child in me,

Last part was the: FLAT LAY ACTIVITY!

This one I guess is what I've been waiting for to learn. If you check my Instagram you'll notice that I never attempted to post any flat lay photos of anything! It's hard because number one, there's no source of natural light in our apartment and number two, IDK what to do! Ha-ha!

Thanks for Ms. Tippy's no-brainer tips on how to have fun with flat lays! I sincerely learned a lot from her and other bloggers who showcased their flat lay game on that day. You WOWED me guys!

See? I told you ☺

There you have it guys! 

If you want to check more photos taken by other bloggers on that day, just search it on social media sites using the #fabercastellbloggersday.

Many thanks to Faber-Castell and Nuffnang team for having me! Special thanks to Ms. Tippy as well. Keep it up!

Here are their social media accounts to know more about Faber-Castell, Nuffnang Philippines, and The Googley Gooeys. Obrigad! 

Faber-Castell's accounts:

Nuffnang PH's accounts:

Googley Gooey's accounts:

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