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Easy Flat Lay Tips For Beginners

by - Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Flat lay photography is indeed one of the best ways to showcase products on Instagram nowadays. It never goes out of style as magazines have been using this technique even before Instagram and other social media boomed. It's surely intimidating and frustrating, but on today's post I'll share with you my TOP 5 easy flat lay tips which you can do in the comfort of your home without spending too much.

Today I'll feature some of my calligraphy works and how flat lay helped me channel the inner artist in me. It's my first time by the way to finally level-up my flat lays and with the help of the last event with Faber-Castell and The Googley Gooeys, I was able to determine that it takes only a few things and steps to up your Instagram game! Want to know them? Just keep on reading :)

Setup and Lighting

Not everyone lives in a house where natural light comes in every morning. Neither do I. We live in an apartment where the windows are against the morning sunshine. Why worry? There are a lot of options for you to still work on your lighting. I searched options on YouTube and Pinterest and I discovered that I can make my own light box that will serve as a "mini photo-shoot" location at home. Here are some of the samples:

I created my own at home and used it on the photos that I'll be posting later, but my 1 year old daughter ruined it before I even get a chance to take a photo of it. Anyway, I just built the same as photo number 2 and 3. The lights that I used are our emergency lights. You can use your study lights as well, just make sure you'll use white bulbs. And viola! Instant lighting for your next Instagram or blog post!

Props It Up!

Use props that will help you tell a story of your flat lay photos. Small props are better than larger ones. But, if you want to, make sure to use maybe one or two large props. Remember, flat lays are posted in square size on Instagram so you have to maximize the space for better results. Don't overdo. Remember, less is more.

This idea is from my son while we're eating donuts!
In the photo I showed the tools I used for the calligraphy which are Faber-Castell's connector paint box and colored pencils and since I said "doughnut disturb" - a doughnut is a must! See how the props correlate with each other? There are a variety of props you can use that are available in your kitchen, in your bedroom, or even in your garden, and in your bag! Art materials too! Just don't limit yourself and use your creativity.

Play With Angles

Now this one tested my patience! Ha-ha! Before, I thought taking angles of real-life models are the hardest. Well, flat lays too!

Just get a step or stool, or get a chair (make sure you're on a safe side, you know what I mean) and safely get above your flat lay. Play with your props. Move things around and try different positions until the composition satisfies you.

Right Gear, Right Now!

Smartphones are I guess, flat lay companions! You don't have to spend lots of money to achieve an astonishing flat lay photos! With the right gear, with a good quality of the camera, you're good to go.

In these photos, I only used a local brand of smartphone and see how amazing the results are with the help of the previous tips.

Helpful Apps

After all the "buwis buhay" photo shoot, select apps that will finalize your creations!

These are the items that I got from the last event with Faber-Castell and Googly Gooeys.

For my photos, I only use Snapseed. That is where I edit my photos most of the time. And if needed, before I post it on IG, I do final touches using it's built-in photo editor. I seldom use more than one app for photos for I only do minimal editing, especially with flat lays. With the right amount of brightness, contrast, temperature, and sharpness, you can instantly take your relatively OKAY to something more polished.

I hope you learned something from this post! And if you do, please leave a comment and let me know what you have tried on your own. Remember, with flat lay photos you have to be patient, creative, and resourceful. The key is to practice always! (Like what I'm busy at right now).

Good luck everyone!

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