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I Spent The Christmas Eve In The Office And It Was Okay

by - Monday, December 25, 2017

Are you one of those employees who've spent Christmas Eve in the office their whole working life? Well, you're such a brave, strong person. I salute you for that. I have to write this post while "celebrating" the Christmas Eve here in the office. It's my first time and the feeling was just as normal as the typical working days, but I feel a little sad. Sad, because I am used to the old tradition which are having Noche Buena with the family, greeting my neighbors, hugging my kids and opening their gifts. It really feels a little sad. But, on the contrary, there are other things to be thankful for celebrating the Christmas Eve in the office if you're in the Philippines. Here they are:


If you work around BGC, Ortigas, Pasig, and Makati, you probably know how it feels to travel from 5AM to 11PM and get stuck in the traffic jam on your way to work. However, every December 24th, you'll never encounter this dreadful, normal scenario for most of the people are at home busy preparing for the Christmas Eve. Only a few cars, buses, and jeepneys are operating or traveling during this day so it's really okay.


If you're like me who lives independently with kids, you probably know how expenses get lesser if you work in the office during the Christmas Eve. Since you won't be preparing much for the Noche Buena, you'll just get your kids a bucket of chicken and a spaghetti platter to enjoy before they get to sleep at night on December 24th (before your shift), which is totally fine with them because hello? No mommy, no Noche Buena, we sleep (That's what I told them earlier). Don't worry readers, I will take them tomorrow to an amusement park and they'll appreciate it more than us just celebrating the Christmas Eve at home.


Most of all, it's double pay! Nope, not on December 24th, but on December 25th for it's the Philippines' regular holiday. And as per the Labor Code of the Philippines, employees who work on regular holidays receive 100% of their daily rate. Isn't it amazing? Why feel sad when on the bright side, after the holidays, you'll get paid for those days you have sacrificed and it's okay because at this time of age, money is important. You agree with me? Let me know in the comment box below.

Merry Christmas, warriors!

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