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5 Places That I Would Like To Visit This Year

by - Saturday, January 13, 2018

I was just lounging in the house when I suddenly thought of going to the places I've never been to this year. I'm 27, mom of 3, working in a corporate world - why not have fun or take myself to these places where I can have my "me time". I then listed down these places where I would like to just enjoy, relax, and have fun!

1. Tagaytay

I've been there once in 2014 for a staycation with my colleagues and never been able to go back. During our staycation, we literally just stayed in the transient house we've rented for overnight. We were only able to try bulalo at Mahogany market, but was not able to really see the Taal lake up close. This year, I would like to go back to Tagaytay, roam around the city, go to Sky Ranch, Picnic Grove, Bag of Beans, try out Leslie's bulalo, and stay until sunset at the overlooking Starbucks, get myself a cup of brewed coffee whilst evaluating myself from last year, my plans, and just adore the Taal lake.

2. Pinto Art Museum

Who wouldn't want to visit this place? I've seen posts on Instagram about this art museum and it really is worthy of  2 hour drive from the south. Aside from the IG-worthy photos I've been dying to take from there, I just also want to experience going to an art museum and appreciate everything in there. It's located astray from main roads and highways, which I think will bring "probinsya-feels", for sure. Isn't that relaxing?

3. Sip And Gogh

I've been a lover of art since I started to learn how to write and draw. I enjoy both calligraphy and landscape drawings. Why this place? Because aside from the 2-hour painting session, you will also enjoy their complimentary whilst channeling the inner Van Gogh in you! And I was talking about wine and cheese! Painting while enjoying a glass of wine is meditating, you guys!

4. Masasa Beach, Batangas

I've learned about this place from a friend. And as per the travel bloggers that I follow, it will only take 4 hours for you to get there. You can do camping until 7 PM and rent a transient house for an overnight stay. Yup, no hotels or resort in sight for it is developed hardly by the local government. I hope to enjoy a bonfire and camping there soon. 😍

5. Enchanted Kingdom

Amusement parks remind me so much of my childhood. My family tried Boom na Boom, Star City, and Peryahan - but never the EK. Hope to try it this year with someone special at exactly July 1st!

And you? What are the places you would like to visit this year?


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